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Why to choose Perkins Generator & Diesel Generator Services of Cox Power Max?

Generators have become a necessity in cities such as Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Cox Power Max acts as a distributor for Perkins Generator in Pakistan. We provide our end consumers with diesel power generators and various other types of home generators. One can buy generators from Cox Power Max Company at an affordable rate. Each category of generators, such as diesel generators and gas generators are available for users ranging from 13KVA to 2500KVA.

Perkins Engines Company is an internationally renowned brand for manufacturing and supplying high-quality diesel engines. Cox Power Max helps elevate the status of this company by providing the local residents of Pakistan with their high-quality generators. They are focused on improving the quality of supplied material and dedicate their company to providing innovative engineering skills to end consumers at the best rates. Cox Power Max provides their clients with many incentives in order to evoke the need to buy generators from them.
Be it any category of generators, ranging from diesel generators to gas generators to various kinds of home generators, Cox Power Max supplies it all. Their main aim is to witness further enhanced quality in the application of latest technology. They aim to supply innovative products which are reliable and flexible for the end consumer.
Each year, Cox Power Max strives to become better than it was previously. Innovation in the field of diesel engines is a constant object. The need and desire to keep aligned with the changing world of modern technology is essential for us in order to succeed in this business area. Cox Power Max is doing fairly well for an emerging power engineering company. With satisfied customers all over Pakistan, particularly in cities such as Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, we have positioned their brand in a manner which indicates affordability and convenience.

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Briefing the people interested in Cox Power Max’s history about the services rendered by us, the establishment of this company took place in 1993. Since its inception, Cox Power Max has been one of Pakistan’s leading engineering services provider on the basis of variable accounts. We cater to a huge and diversified audience which is spread over the whole of Pakistan and is increasing in number each day. We take pride in all the products we provide our customers with, primarily the standby and uninterrupted power solutions. This being said, we not only provide our clients with products but with added services as well. These services are of highest quality and made available under one roof as sales, supply, installation and commissioning of diesel and gas generators.Furthermore, elaborating on the success story of Cox Power Max Company’s history as a leading distributor for the international company, Perkins Engine Company, one can say that we are Pakistan’s leading power generator distributor. Having outlets and distribution centers in Pakistan’s main cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad provides us with a great leverage and potential to exploit other regions close by. These regions include Rawalpindi and other areas close by in the province of Punjab, whereas in the south our main distribution center exists in Karachi, however, we enjoy customer audience from interior Sindh as well.

The main goal proposed by Cox Power Max is to provide their customer base with complete, standby and uninterrupted power backup at an affordable price. Learning and delving deep into the demographics of Pakistan, we have learned that the people of this land enjoy good value for money. They are willing to spend good money for quality products and services in return. This is exactly what our company wishes and desires to produce and provide to the customers. Having power deficits is long since a part of life here in Pakistan. The people are heavily dependent upon their own power production source. Hence, they require quality power production source which would provide them with uninterrupted power supply throughout. Perkins generators provide long hours of uninterrupted power supply to its users; that too at an extremely affordable rate.